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Ministry of justice of Ukraine
Order - 26 October 2007, №987/5
certificate №_2769
Director, Department of Legalization
and control
Mrs. O. M. Semiorkina

National Council of “National Organization of the Scouts of Ukraine” – NOSU
L. L. Zakharchishin

of All-Ukrainian Youth Non-governmental Organization
“National Organization OF THE ScoutS OF UkraiNE”.


1.1 All-Ukrainian Youth Non-governmental Organization – “National Organization of the Scouts of Ukraine “- NOSU - (hereinafter referred to as the Organization) is a voluntary, non-profit making, non-political public educational organization for children and young people open to all without distinction of race, sex, ethnical and social origin, creed, income, place of residence or language of communication.
1.2 The Organization shall carry out its activities within the all territory of the Ukraine.
1.3 In its activities the Organization is guided by the Constitution, current legislation of Ukraine and the present Constitution and the Constitution of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).
1.4 The full name of the Organization in Ukrainian is «Всеукраїнська молодіжна громадська організація - «Національна Скаутська Організація України» (Vse-Ukrayins’ka molodizhna gromads’ka organizatsiya – Natsional’na Skauts’ka Organizatsiya Ukrayiny) and in English its name is A All-Ukrainian Youth Non-governmental Organization – “ National Organization of the Scouts of Ukraine “- NOSU.
1.5 The headquarters of the Organization is located at the following address: Ukraine, Kyiv
1.6 The Organization in its activity shall be non-profit making.


2.1 The purpose of the Organization is to promote the development of young people as individuals and responsible citizens of Ukraine and achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potentials, and facilitate the development of Scout Movement in the territory of Ukraine, and protect the mutual interests of its members.
2.2 The Organization acts according to the fundamental principles of Scouts-members of Organization’s Duty to God, Duty to others and Duty to self.
The Scout- members’ of Organization Duty to God is expressed through adherence to spiritual principles, profession of the religion which expresses them and hence acceptance of the duties resulting therefore.
The Scout- members of Organization’s Duty to others is expressed through:
a) Loyalty to Ukraine, strengthening peace and encouraging mutual understanding and both domestic and international co-operation,
b) Active participation in public life with the recognition and respect of human dignity, traditions and culture of all nationalities, denominations;
c) Awareness of the integrity of environment and the necessity to preserve nature.
The Scout-members of Organization’s Duty to self is expressed through responsibility for their own development.
2.3. The fundamental principles of the Organization are embodied in the Scout Promise and Scout Law.
The Scout-members of Organization’s Promise:
"On my honor I promise to the best of my abilities to do my duty to God and Ukraine, help others at all times, and obey the Scout Law."
The Scout Law:

  1. A Scout is honest.
  2. A Scout is loyal.
  3. A Scout is useful and helpful to others.
  4. A Scout is a friend to all and a good brother/sister to any other Scout.
  5. A Scout is courteous and obedient.
  6. A Scout is always cheerful.
  7. A Scout is thrifty.
  8. A Scout is a friend to nature.
  9. A Scout tempers his body and spirit.
  10. A Scout is clean in thought, word, and deed.

The Promise of Cub Scout:
"I promise to the best of my abilities be obedient, faithful to God and Ukraine, adhere to the Law of Cub Scouts and do good deeds."

The Law of Cub Scout:
1. A Cub Scout is honest.
2. A Cub Scout is helpful to others.
3. A Cub Scout is industrious.
2.4. In its activities the Organization uses method of progressive self-education of children and young people through:

  • Promise and Law;
  • Learning by doing;
  • Membership in small groups (for example the patrol), involving adult guidance, progressive discovery and acceptance of responsibility and training towards self-government, directed towards the development of character, and the acquisition of competence, self-reliance, dependability and capacities both to co-operate and to lead;
  • Progressive and stimulating programs of varied activities, based on the interest of participants, including games, useful skills, and services to the community, taking place largely in an outdoor setting in contact with nature.

2.5 The tasks of the Organization are:
to ensure favorable conditions for the development of young people as individuals and as responsible citizens of Ukraine, in achieving the fullest possible development of their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual potential.
2.6. In order to implement its statutory tasks the Organization in accordance with the procedure set forth in current Ukrainian legislation shall be entitled to:
2.6.1. Act as participant to the civil law relations; acquire proprietary and non-proprietary rights;
2.6.2. Present and protect its own legal interests and those of its members in government and public bodies;
2.6.3. Provide moral, organizational and material support to its members and its offices and promote their establishment.
2.6.4. Enter into agreements, contracts with legal and private entities, and perform other legal acts;
2.6.5. Carry out relevant economic activity by establishing its own enterprises, institutions, organizations having the status of legal entity in accordance with current Ukrainian legislation;
2.6.6. Establish mass media, charitable organizations as provided by current legislation;
2.6.7 Have its own affiliated offices within the territory of Ukraine;
2.6.8 Receive from governmental bodies, local authorities’ information to be used for implementing its tasks;
2.6.9 To make proposals to governmental bodies;
2.6.10 Disseminate information and propagate its ideas;
2.6.11 Observe the requirements of the Constitution of WOSM, maintain contacts and co-operation with WOSM and other Scout organizations world-wide, which are recognized members of WOSM, join international non-governmental organizations, cooperate with Ukrainian governmental authorities, other public associations in Ukraine and abroad, maintain direct relations including participation in international events as long as they comply with international obligations of Ukraine and this Constitution.
2.6.12. Get involved in publishing through establishing publishing houses;
2.6.13. Independently approve structures and staff, conditions and salaries of the Organization’s employees;
2.6.14. Purchase, sell, lease out and rent buildings, premises any other movable and real property;
2.6.15. Promote involvement of disabled teenagers and socially unprotected teenage groups in its activities;
2.6.16. Perform activities aimed at fighting consequences of Chernobyl disaster as provided by relevant procedures, and implement youth health programs in compliance with requirements stipulated in decrees issued by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ukrainian legislation and other regulations concerning this issues.
2.7. The following are the areas of activity carried out by the Organization to achieve its goals and tasks:
2.7.1. Organizing and carrying out as provided by current legislation workshops, educational camps, hikes for children and young people
2.7.2. Taking part in running scientific educational research, information processing activities (organizing and carrying out scientific conferences, seminars, readings, round tables, competitions, exhibitions etc; developing scientific methodological literature relating to issues of Scouting education and creating Organization’s activity database etc);
2.7.3. Organizing and carrying out as provided by current legislation programs for children and youth including joint and international camps, hikes, area studies, nature protection, cultural, charity activities etc;
2.7.4. Implementing international, national, local social programs including those sponsored by the government.


3.1 The Organization shall be a legal entity upon its state registration as prescribed by law, have its own seal, stamps and letterheads, duly registered symbols and other essential elements, patterns of which are to be approved by the National Council of the Organization.
3.2. The Organization has separate property, acts independently and has the right to enter into any agreements, acquire and sell proprietary and non-property rights, bear liabilities, act as plaintiff and defendant in courts of justice, arbitration courts.
3.3. The Organization has its own budget and right to open bank accounts, keeps the books and provides accounting data in accordance with established procedures.
3.4. The Organization has liabilities for its obligations according to current legislation. The Organization shall bear no responsibility for liabilities of its members, established enterprises, institutions, organizations.
3.5. Records management shall be in Ukrainian as provided by relevant regulations. Records management of local structural units of the Organization may be in other languages in accordance with Ukrainian legislation in effect.
3.6. The Organization shall be independent from government, economic bodies and officials. Any infringements into Organization’s activity on the part of government bodies, local authorities and their officials as well as such actions on the part of the Organization are strictly prohibited. The activity of Organization is of social character which in no way shall deprive it of any kind of state support.


4.1 Members of the Organization may be Ukrainian citizens, foreign citizens, stateless persons resident in Ukraine on legal basis without discrimination of race, sex, ethnic and social origin, denomination, income, and language of communication, who:

  • have made the Scout (Cub Scout) Promise;
  • have paid their membership fee;

4.2. The general name for all members of the Organization is "Scout".
4.3. Members of the Organization are divided into two categories:

  • young people aged 6 to 18; In their turn, according to their age, they are categorized as Cub Scouts (generally between 6 and 10), Scouts (adolescents in the age from 11 to 16), Rovers (young people in the age from 16 to 35). For each category the Organization shall introduce separate educational programs corresponding to the needs of each of age groups.
  • Active adult leaders (persons in the age over 18), who create educational programs or occupy executive positions shall enjoy preferences when elections of governing bodies are held.

4.3.1. The total number of persons over 35 may not exceed one third of the total number of the membership of the Organization or one third of the composition of its elected governing bodies.
4.4. Honorary members of the Organization may be persons who have made considerable contribution to the development and promotion of the Scout movement in Ukraine. Honorary members do not make the commitment of the Promise, and are not entitled to vote or be elected to the policy-making bodies of the Organization
4.5. Admission to the Organizations is carried out by its structural units in accordance with the appropriate Provisions approved by the National Council.
4.6. The honorary member status is granted by the National Council in accordance with the Provisionsapproved by the National Council.
4.7. All youth members and adult leaders shall:

  • Make the personal commitment of the Scout (Cub Scout) Promise.
  • Carry out their responsibilities within the Organization
  • Implement the decisions of the governing bodies of the Organization and those of its structural units
  • Timely pay their membership fees.

4.8. All active adult leaders over 18 are entitled to:

  • Elect and be elected to all governing bodies of the Organization and its structural units;
  • Hold executive positions within the Organization and its structural units;
  • Submit any suggestions for consideration of the governing bodies of the Organization;
  • Appeal to the governing bodies of the Organization;
  • Receive information on the activities of the Organization;
  • Receive support and training for their responsibilities;
  • Participate in events carried out by the Organization;
  • Wear the badge of the World organization of the Scout Movement, the badge of the Organization, and use its symbols in accordance with the relevant Provisions;
  • to have their interests protected by the Organization;
  • Voluntarily withdraw from the Organization.

4.9. Membership in the Organization may be terminated:

  • Voluntarily, based upon the member’s request, termination of membership does not release a person from outstanding material liabilities to the Organization;
  • By a decision of a relevant structural unit or governing bodies of the Organization in the event of:
    - a failure to fulfill the obligations provided for in article 4.7 of this Constitution.
    - non-payment of membership fees for more than 6 months after the date due.

4.10. A person expelled may appeal to a National Council of the Organization. The final decision on the issue shall be that of the Congress.


5.1. The Organization within the territory of Ukraine shall have its regional and local structural units established on the basis of territorial principle.
5.2. Regional and local units
5.2.1 Local groups. Local groups consist of youth members in the age ranges stated in 4.3, each with their own distinctive programs, together with the team of adult leaders, who deliver these programs. The leaders may elect a Group Leader to co-ordinate the work of the Group.
5.2.2 Regional and other local structural units of the Organization act on the basis of their own charters (provisions) provided they in no way contradict the present Constitution and adopted by their governing bodies and approved by the National Council. Local structural units legalize their activity in accordance with the established procedure.
5.2.3. Local groups of the Organization may be established only with the consent of the National Council. Local groups membership shall consist of all members of other local groups operating in the territory of a given administrative-territorial unit.
5.2.4. The National Council of the Organization shall approve standing orders for the governing bodies of Organization’s local groups, functions, procedures of relations with higher bodies of the Organization, and powers on managing local groups that operate in the territory of a given administrative-territorial unit.
5.3. The general governance is performed by:

  • The supreme governing body - Congress
  • The National Council of Organization (hereinafter referred to as National Council) shall be a governing body between Congresses.
  • The Secretariat shall be an administrative and executive body.
  • The Audit Commission shall be a supervisory body.

5.3.1. Persons elected to all appointments within the Organization shall not serve more than two consecutive terms;
5.4 The supreme governing body of the Organization shall be the Congress convened by decision of National Council at least of once per two years. Representation quota, provisional agenda and delegate election procedures are established by the National Council and are ratified by Congress. The Congress is called by the National Council or by Chairman of the National Council (hereinafter referred to as Chairman) at least once in two years.
The Extraordinary Congress is carried out by the decision of the National Council at the request of two thirds of the local structural units of the Organization or Audit Commission.
5.5. The Congress is considered as valid if at least two thirds of the elected delegates are present.
5.6. The exclusive competence of the Congress shall include:
5.6.1. Adoption of the Constitution of the Organization, its modification;
5.6.2. Definition of major aspects of Organization's activities;
5.6.3. Definition of procedures to form National Council, and evaluation of its activities;
5.6.4. Election and retirement (either by ballot or open voting) of Chairman of National Council, National Secretary, members of National Council for the period of two years;
5.6.5. Election and retirement (either by ballot or open voting) of the of members of the Audit Commission for the period of two years;
5.6.6. Adoption of decisions as to termination of the Organization;
5.6.7. Adoption of decisions related to the Organization's entry into other public organizations, including international ones;
5.6.8 Congress may consider any other issues of the Organization. The questions referred to in paragraphs 5.6.1., 5.6.3., 5.6.4., 5.6.7. is the exclusive competence of the Congress.
5.7. Resolutions of a congress shall be drawn as minutes signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Congress. Resolutions on making changes and additions to the Constitution or the termination of the Organization should be passed by two thirds of delegates attending the Congress.
5.8. Members of the National Council are elected by Congress. The National Council headed by the Chairman shall be a governing body of the Organization between two consecutive Congresses.
5.9. The National Council shall meet at least once in 6 months. The decision is deemed valid if the meeting is attended by more than 50% of the members of the National Council and voted by the majority of the present members.
5.10. The National Council may take decisions relating to any issues of the Organization’s activity save those decide solely by the Congress.
The exclusive competence of the National Council includes:
5.10.1. Provision of general governance of the Organization’s activity;
5.10.2. Monitoring of execution of decisions adopted by the Congress;
5.10.3 Monitoring of activities of the Secretariat;
5.10.4. Making decisions based on petitions made by members of the Organization;
5.10.5. Representation of interests of the Organization in government bodies, public and other organizations of Ukraine, maintaining direct ties, representation of interests of the Organization in international organizations;
5.10.6. Protection of rights of the members;
5.10.7. Approval of sample seals, stamps, letterheads of the Organization;
5.10.8. Making decision on symbols of local structural units, institutions, and adoption of Provisions related thereto;
5.10.9. Approval of the signs of the Organization and adoption of Provisions related thereto;
5.10.10. Disposal of property of the Organization;
5.10.11. Adoption of Provisions relating to membership fee;
5.10.12. Annual hearing of reports made by heads of structural units of the Organization;
5.10.13. Convening of the Congress, adoption of its agenda and number of delegates from structural units of the Organization for ratification by Congress;
5.10.14. Election and retirement (by secret ballot) of the Chairman of National Council for the period of two years;
5.10.15. Appointment (by secret ballot) of the National Secretary for the period of two years;
5.10.16. Election and retirement (by secret ballot) of the Chief Scout of the Organization for the period of two years;
5.10.17. Making other decision according to the tasks of the Organization.
5.11. The Chairman of the National Council is elected by the National Council for the period of two years from among the members of the National Council. The Chairman of the National Council shall:
5.11.1. Carry out general governance of the work of the National Council;
5.11.2. Represent the Organization in relations with government and public bodies, institutions, other legal and private entities;
5.11.3. Convene the meeting of the National Council and preside thereon;
5.11.4. Specifies the division of duties between members of the National Council, decides other issues to achieve the objective of the Organization.
5.12. The Chief Scout is elected by the National Council of Organization for the period of two years and represents the Organization in its relations with government and public bodies, institutions, other legal and private entities of Ukraine and abroad.
5.13. The Secretariat is the administrative and executive body of the Organization headed by National Secretary, who could be volunteer or paid professional.
5.14. The National Secretary shall decide all issues relating to activity of the Organization except for those exclusively decided by Congress, National Council and Chairman of National Council. The National Secretary is accountable to National Council and Chairman of National Council and provides execution of their decisions. The National Secretary has the right to act on behalf of the Organization without power of attorney.
5.15. The National Secretary acts on the basis of Provision regulating his work which is approved by the National Council. The staff members, who are paid professionals of Secretariat, are bound by Ukrainian labor, social security and social insurance legislation.
5.16 Audit Commission consisting of as many members as determined by the Congress is elected for the period of two years from among the members of Organization not engaged in National Council and not being staff members of the Organization. In its activity the Audit Commission is subject to the Constitution of the Organization and current Ukrainian legislation. The Audit Commission elects its chairman who manages its activity. The Audit Commission shall be accountable to the Congress and prepare an annual report for presentation to the National Council.
The Audit Commission shall monitor the observance of the present Constitution, preservation of property and funds of Organization, validity of accounting data and calculations as well as any other interests of Organization and its members. Audits are performed in accordance with established legal procedures.


6.1. The property of the Organization may include movable and real property, tangible and intangible assets, finances, as well as other lawfully acquired property.
6.2. The resources and other assets of the Organization are formed of:
6.2.1. Monetary resources or property received as irretrievable financial assistance or donations made by legal and private entities including those from abroad;
6.2.2. Financial Reserves
6.2.3. Monetary resources or property generated from the main activity of the Organization
6.2.4. Membership fees
6.2.5. Property and finances transferred by its founders, members of the Organization or Government in accordance with the established procedures.
6.3. The finances and material resources of the Organization are spent on the implementation of its constitutional objectives in conformity with the budget approved by the National Council.
6.4. The Organization is liable for its obligations and debts within its own property in accordance with current legislation.
6.5. The state is not liable for obligations of the Organization; likewise the latter is not liable for the obligations of the state.
6.6. The Organization owns uses and handles its property in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine currently in force.
6.7. The Organization, the institutions, enterprises, agencies, organizations established thereby shall carry out operating calculation, accounting, statistical estimation subject to the legislation currently in force; register in the organs of the National Tax Administration of Ukraine and make payments to the state budget provided for in the legislation currently in force.


7.1. The Organization maintains international relations in accordance with procedures established by the current legislation.
7.2. The Organization may join any international public (non-governmental) organizations, maintain direct international relations and enter into appropriate agreements and participate in international events which do not contradict the interests of Ukraine and its international and legal obligations.
7.3. Status of Organization as a member of World Organization of Scout Movement (WOSM) doesn’t mean extension of its activities beyond the State borders of Ukraine and therefore shall not be a reason for official registration of this Organization as an International one.


8.1. Any motion to amend the Constitution is prepared and suggested to the Congress by the National Council.
8.2. Amendments to the Constitution are adopted by the Congress if at least two thirds of the votes cast in favor of such decision.
8.3 Changes and additions to the Constitution shall come into effect only when approved by the World Scout Committee. Upon approval of the changes to Constitution by the World Scout Committee, within five days the Organization shall present them to the Ministry of Justice for registration.


9.1. The activities of the Organization may be terminated by means of reorganization or liquidation based upon the decision passed by the Congress if at least two thirds of the votes cast are in favour, or through court ruling, and in other cases as provided by Ukrainian legislation.
9.2. In the event of reorganization the resources and other assets of the Organization shall be handed over to its legal successor.
9.3. In case of liquidation, assets and property of the Organization shall not be distributed between its members but shall be handed over to another non-profit organization of a corresponding type or be entered into the state budget.
9.4. The liquidation of the Organization shall be performed by a liquidation commission under current Ukrainian laws. The liquidation shall be deemed as finished, once the Organization shall be considered as the one that has been terminated upon its exclusion from the National State Register of Legal Persons and Private Enterprises of Ukraine.

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